“Probably the only PV installation that complies to all regulations. Sound structure and excellent choice of materials and equipment!”

L. Borg, Naxxar

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Government Schemes 2016/2017


Grants aim to increase the amount of renewable energy generated in Malta to meet our renewable energy targets.

Grants now Announced! Call us for a quote to be the first to take advantage.

Government Grants extended until March 2017!

Customers investing in photo voltaic panels will benefit from a 50% refund of the total cost, up to a maximum of €2300.

Once you have a PV system installed, you will experience a monthly reduction in your electricity bill, which means more disposable income, financing the investment in the system and ultimately making profit from this investment.

6 Modules (315W) 8 Modules (315W) 10 Modules (305W) 12 Modules (305W)
Grand Total (€) including VAT  3,720  4,640 € 5,330 € 6,200
Grant € 1,430 € 1,907 € 2,300 € 2,300
Own Funding € 2,280  2,713 € 3,000 € 3,900

Our Offers

Residential Solar Panels Malta - PVIES.com

Residential Offers

We bring the best of tailor made services to suit your needs, offering a range of solar panels depending on your roof space and azimuth angle to maximise solar energy.

Government Grant for the solar panels now announced!
Government Grant for the solar panels extended to end March 2017!

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Corporate Photovoltaic Solar Equipment Malta - PVIES.com

Corporate Offers

Offices, factories, restaurants, hotels as well as showrooms could benefit from such sources of renewable energy which consequently reduce electricity bills annually. Be it solar energy or LED lighting, firms can easily apply for this and we will take care of everything from the observation stage, through to seeing the system functioning.

We have handled a number of large scale projects and those customers are particularly happy with the work, as well as the reduction in electricity bills.

Call PVIES Malta for a quote for a business solar panel installation.

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