“Probably the only PV installation that complies to all regulations. Sound structure and excellent choice of materials and equipment!”

L. Borg, Naxxar

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PVIES is a local company focusing on Solar Panels, Photo Voltaic Systems and LED Lighting.

Knowledge is what our business was founded on. We are experts in our field and able to tailor our technical solutions for each individual and business we work with. We are thoroughly professional in everything we do. This knowledge and expertise puts our customers in control. It empowers them to make informed decisions about their energy future.

Throughout the span of 30 years, IES ltd. has managed to become a pioneering entity in both the world of computers and photovoltaic equipment. Working in renewable energy means everything we do is geared up to reducing environmental impact and promoting a sustainable, ecologically sound way to live. We take great satisfaction in knowing that we are helping people lower their carbon emissions and feel good about the energy they use. Now we are also proud to announce that we are taking a step further specialising in marine solar panels.

Our drive to be innovative is the passion that keeps us going and be motivated as a team. All our members have a genuine enthusiasm for clean energy and for helping people discover the benefits of the technology we provide. As a team we help our clients become inspired to take the leap in making positive changes.

We are proud of our ethical approach to selling. We provide clear, honest information and let customers make up their own minds, rather than push for a decision. We are here for the long term, so winning customers’ trust is very important to us.

Our Offers

Residential Solar Panels Malta - PVIES.com

Residential Offers

We bring the best of tailor made services to suit your needs, offering a range of solar panels depending on your roof space and azimuth angle to maximise solar energy.

The Government Grant for Solar Panels is now open. This scheme allows for a grant of maximum €3000, or half the eligible costs, at a feed-in-tariff of 10c5 for 20 years.

Customers may also take advantage of the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) scheme. The FiT scheme will yield 15c5 per unit for a period of 20 years.

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Corporate Photovoltaic Solar Equipment Malta - PVIES.com

Corporate Offers

Offices, factories, restaurants, hotels as well as showrooms could benefit from such sources of renewable energy which consequently reduce electricity bills annually.

Be it solar energy or LED lighting, firms can easily apply for this and we will take care of everything from the observation stage, through to seeing the system functioning.

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