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PVIES is a local company focusing on Solar Panels, Photo Voltaic Systems and LED Lighting. The brains behind this operation have been innovative in the field of technology for nearly 30 years. Malta benefits from having the sun shine for most of the year, so this is the perfect solution to reduce your electricity bills. Installing a photovoltaic system means you are producing units which are directly converted into money. More importantly, we know how to maintain long lasting relationships with our clients. All our PV Solar Panels and Green Energy Systems are approved by the Malta Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS).

Our Offers

Residential Solar Panels Malta -

Residential Offers

We bring the best of tailor made services to suit your needs, offering a range of solar panels depending on your roof space and azimuth angle to maximise solar energy.

Government Grant for the solar panels now announced!
Government Grant for the solar panels extended to end March 2017!

PVIES Malta offer an excellent service for solar panels with great prices. Below are a list of prices for the solar panel installations.

All of our Residential offers include High Quality Cables, an AC & DC Switchgear and a solid Galvanised steel and Magnelis PV Structure. Depending on the number of solar panels, an equivalent Inverter will be installed. The Inverters installed for Residential households will range from 2000W to 5000W.

Each Panel Installed has a total of either 305W or  315W.

Our Prices for Solar Packages include:

System with 3 panels ( 915W) – POR

System with 5 panels ( 1525W)  POR

System with 6 panels of 315W ( 1890W) – €3750

System with 7 panels ( 2135W) – POR

System with 8 panels of 315W ( 2520W) – €4670

System with 9 panels ( 2745W) €5200

System with 10 panels of 305W ( 3050W) – €5450

System with 11 panels ( 3355W) – POR

System with 12 panels of 305W ( 3660W) – €6300

System with 14 panels ( 4270W) – POR

System with 15 panels ( 4575W) – POR

It all starts with a visit to our offices where one of our specialists will talk you through the entire process and advises a customised system personally. We then send the same specialist to view your property where specific knowledge is used to come up with a unique quote we provide for every individual client. Here, specifications are carefully evaluated before your quote can be created.

After the client agrees to having their work carried out, we will give you a schedule of how this will take place and then we start works!

Rest assured, there is always someone you can speak to at any stage; we are a small firm, therefore, we can actually stick by this area of etiquette we so strongly believe in.

For further details, contact us by filling up the form on the Contact page or call Sean Borg on 21 316 498 or e-mail him 

Corporate Photovoltaic Solar Equipment Malta -

Corporate Offers

Offices, factories, restaurants, hotels as well as showrooms could benefit from such sources of renewable energy which consequently reduce electricity bills annually. Be it solar energy or LED lighting, firms can easily apply for this and we will take care of everything from the observation stage, through to seeing the system functioning.

We have handled a number of large scale projects and those customers are particularly happy with the work, as well as the reduction in electricity bills.

Call PVIES Malta for a quote for a business solar panel installation.

A competitive price together with an innovative PV System suiting your business needs will be generated, after a site visit by the PVIES leader himself. A quote will then be sent to you and the price discussed.

All large scale projects are treated uniquely. Therefore, to obtain a customised quote and evaluate how our services can save you money, contact us.

Below is an estimate of a 27.5KW system, in order to get an idea of our offers on large scale projects:

PV plant comprising of 90 x 305 W STP-305-24/Ve Suntech panels  will cost around €31,723 excluding VAT (€1.156 / Watt) producing about 45,000 units yearly (daily average of 123 units).

Our Products

Residential Solar Panels Malta -

Photovoltaic Equipment

Suntech offers reliable silicon solar products, including thin film, poly crystalline and mono crystalline modules, that allow customer design and application flexibility.

Growatt Solar Inverters Malta -

Monitoring Devices

Keep a log of your installed system by storing data in a massive storage with flexible parameters settings, system information management, error prompt and records.

Growatt Photovoltaic Equipment Monitoring Devices Malta - PVIES

Growatt Shine Vision


  • RF communication for wireless operation.
  • Automatic monitoring of up to six inverters simultaneously, applicable for small home system.
  • Simple installation. It can be placed anywhere indoor with signal coverage.

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Growatt Web Box
Growatt Photovoltaic Equipment Monitoring Devices Malta - PVIES


  • A multi-functional and high-performance communication data logger.
  • Keep user informed of the system’s status at any time.
  • Massive storage with flexible parameters setting, system information and error management.

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Growatt Solar Inverters Malta -

Solar Power Inverters

Growatt offers a full line of PV inverters from 1kW to 1MW. The inverters are completely applicable for residential & commercial roof and ground plants.

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